My interest and fascination with Le Corbusier began when, as a schoolboy, I was encouraged to collect postage stamps. I wasn't particularly interested in this, but something caught my eye - a French stamp from 1964 which showed a very strange crab-shell-like building, something quite unlike anything I had ever seen. This, I discovered later, was Le Corbusier's pilgrimage chapel of Notre Dame du Haut, at Ronchamp.
In the 1980s, I started making regular trips to France and found that many of Corb's buildings could be visited and studied at first-hand.
Thus began a personal journey of ‘Looking for Le Corbusier’ - a journey I am still on!
I've always made drawings as aide-mémoires on these visits as I think by drawing something you really have to look - look very hard - at what you are seeing. CE

During the virus lockdown of 2020, legendary homewares designer Ella Doran set up a project called Design your own Tray, where she lent her skills to anyone with a new idea for a tea-tray. Chris sent Ella his drawing A Morning at Ronchamp and this is the result.

The trays are made from layers of paper from renewable sources, which is then coated with hard-wearing melamine making them durable and dish-washer safe, as well as pleasant to look at and handle. Size: 265mm x 375mm. They can be ordered from the online shop section of this website (see menu at left) and mailed direct. Each tray is signed and dated by Chris Eckersley.