July 2022
Crafts Council Directory

Chris Eckersley is now listed on the Craft Council's directory of makers - a searchable database of over 800 leading craft makers from across the UK.
Founded in 1972, the Crafts Council is the national charity for craft, and fosters the belief that 'craft skills and knowledge enrich and uplift us as individuals, and, in doing so, will change our world for the better'.

July 2022
The Birmingham Art Book

Chris has two drawings in the newly-published Birmingham Art Book.
This is the seventh in The City Through the Eyes of Its Artists series edited by Emma Bennett.

Others are on Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Dublin, and Bristol/Bath.

Available from most booksellers and from

June 2022
Messums Wiltshire

Chris's Devon chairs, which he is making by hand in his workshop in Birmingham, are now available at Messums Wiltshire.

Messums Wiltshire is a leading multi-purpose gallery and arts centre. Since its inception in 2016 it has become a platform for creative expression across artistic genre and a meeting point of minds to explore how art as a language is made, interpreted, resolved and shared. The main gallery is housed in the largest medieval tithe barn in England, built in the 13th century.

May 2022
A History of MAC in 60 Objects

An early drawing by Chris Eckersley has been selected as one of 60 objects in an exhibition which opens in September to record personal experiences of the Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) and how it has contributed to the everyday lives of residents, artists, visitors, and staff.
60 objects chosen from across the six decades of MAC’s existence will be exhibited around public spaces in the venue.
Chris's sketch shows MAC's distinctive Hexagon building in the course of construction in 1965 (and so like Chris the drawing is very very old!)
more details at:

May 2022
New bathroom collection for Made By The Forge

Suffolk-based artisan blacksmiths Made By The Forge have just launched a new range of bathroom accessories, designed for them by Chris Eckersley.
The collection is called Shapes as each piece has a geometric shape-based theme. Everything is entirely handcrafted at The Forge by Richard Fishenden and his team.
For more details go to:

May 2022
Artefact at the Design Centre,Chelsea Harbour

Chris will be one of the speakers at Grant Gibson's Conversations in Craft for this year's Contemporary Craft Fair at Chelsea Harbour.
The discussion's theme will be 'Past and Present'; others taking part will be Deborah Pocock from QEST, Mary Lewis from the Heritage Crafts Association, and Debika Ray from Crafts magazine.
The question is:
As the world becomes increasingly digital are we in danger of losing traditional hand skills? And, if we are, does it really matter?
book your ticket at:

April 2022
Brum Bodge

It's just been announced that Chris and the Bodging Project have been selected as one of the 50 events which celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Crafts Council.
The event will take place in August of this year when Chris, aided by Alex Hellum, Carl Clerkin, Gareth Neal, and William Warren will present Brum Bodge at The Hive, Birmingham.
For one week The Hive's Gallery will be transformed into a bustling woodwork shop where members of the Hive's diverse community groups will be encouraged to adopt 'bodge thinking' - and make a table and a set of chairs for The Hive Cafe.
Details at:

March 2022
Mendlesham Dining Chairs

Here is Chris's completed commission for a pair of Modern Mendlesham dining chairs, ready for delivery to the client.
The timber is French Oak, a subtle pale variety from the Aubagne area north of Marseille. The distinctive ball decoration in the backrest derives from traditional Mendlesham chair designs. Chris's idea of having the back frames pass through the seat and locate in the stretcher rail below gives strength to the construction, and allows a delicacy of design and a slight flex to the chair-back which adds to user comfort.
Many thanks to old friend Pete Knight for hand-adzing the seats
Enquiries for private commissions are always very welcome!

January 2022
Mendlesham Dining Chairs

Following the closure of Sitting Firm, Chris has returned to making some of his chairs himself by hand, in his studio in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.
A recent commission is for a pair of Modern Mendlesham dining chairs - a contemporary take on the distinctive chairs originally made in the 19th century by the Day family in the Suffolk village of Mendlesham - something Chris had researched a few years ago as part of his Modern Regionals project. Sometimes with chairs it's easier to make a rough mock-up instead of a drawing in order to get all the angles right, and the 'stance' or poise of a chair.

December 2021
Devon chair now made by hand

Chris's Devon chair was originally designed back in 2012 as a modern stick-back chair that could be made without specialist equipment - for example the seat shape is faceted rather than adzed, and the back rail is a laminated bend rather than made in a steam oven. Subsequently the chair was made under licence by Sitting Firm Chairmakers but production ceased when they closed down. During the lockdown Chris returned to making more designs himself by hand and so Devon is now re-launched as a hand-crafted piece. Each chair is signed and dated and they are currently available from The New Craftsman in St Ives, or direct from this website.

October 2021
drawing in St Ives

Chris has been on a sketching trip to St Ives, Cornwall, researching and recording viewpoints that are significant in the story of art in St Ives.
This drawing (left) shows the view from Trezion (former home of Ben Nicholson) looking down to the harbour and the three arches of Smeaton's Pier.
Hopefully part of an exhibition early next year.

September 2021
The Crafts Council's Big 50

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, the Crafts Council asked artists, curators, critics and educators to pick the milestones that have defined the craft world over the last five decades.
Catherine Lock proposed Bodging Milano from 2010, a back-to-basics chair-making project set up by Chris and Rory Dodd which has forged links between traditional craft and contemporary design.
'The Bodging Milano project,' wrote Catherine, 'highlighted the importance of playfulness, innovation, and collaboration in furthering craft as a scalable practice, as well as its intertwining with design.'
All 50 'milestones' can be found in the current isse of Crafts magazine, available at:

September 2021
London Design Festival

This year SCP celebrate 30 years of continuous production of Matthew Hilton's iconic Balzac chair. In the 1990s Chris Eckersley was a visiting tutor at Central Saint Martins and - with the help of Howard Smith (camera) and Joe Eckersley (editor) - made a series of filmed no-filter conversations with designers of the day. Here's one featuring Matthew in 1997, brought out of hiding for LDF 21.

August 2021
Oak and walnut dining table

Another collaboration with Alan and Steven from Hill Top Joinery is this one-off dining table commissioned by a private client for her new garden room. It's in a combination of oak and walnut and is three metres in length. The client said : You have created a masterpiece! Thank you so much, we are all delighted..
Many thanks to Trombe for the recommendation
Commissions of this sort are always very welcome.

July 2021
Abstraction and Chairs

In the new studio Chris is working on a series of 3D plywood 'sketches' of ideas for chairs.
Paintings by Jules Roman.

June 2021
New studio in the Jewellery Quarter

Chris is moving into a new studio/workshop in Birmingham's historic Jewellery Quarter along with abstract painter Jules Roman.
The Quarter is not only home to over 700 jewellery workshops but also is possibly the last remnant of true Brumagem making - a busy mix of back-street manufacturing, workshops up alleys, and can-do fixing-it.

May 2021
Seating for Nando's

Chris and old friends Alan and Steven at Hill Top Joinery have just completed and installed an exceptionally long and snakey plywood bench for the reception area of Nando's head office in Putney.
What's interesting about Nando's is that they don't just serve PERi-PERi, they have the largest collection of contemorary art from Southern African in the world!
Click here to see :

April 2021
The New Craftsman

Chris's handmade Devon chair is now available at The New Craftsman Gallery in St Ives, Cornwall.
The New Craftsman was founded in the 1960s by potter Janet Leach. Since that time, it has exhibited the work of many of the UKs most important and influential artists and established itself as an authority on 20th century St Ives art, contemporary painting, and contemporary British and international craft.

March 2021
Burford Garden Company

Chris's award-winning oak garden bench is now available at the wonderful Burford Garden Company. This comfortable and well-crafted seat is suitable for either indoor (conservatory) or outdoor use, in either oiled or natural finishes. The bench's distinctive feature are the alternating round and square walnut inlays which conceal the way the rails are fixed to the frame.
Burford Garden Company is ideally situated on the Oxfordshire-Gloucestershire border and specialises in the well-designed, the well-made, the beautiful, and the useful.

January 2021
Reception desk for The Barrel Store

Chris has been commissioned by New Brewery Arts, Cirencester, to design a reception desk for The Barrel Store - their 'arts youth hostel' where (in more normal times) you can stay while attending a range of exceptional courses in art and craft.

December 2020
Ronchamp trays now at SCP

Chris's Ronchamp trays are now available at SCP - home of the very best in beautiful, functional, contemporary design products.

October 2020
Ronchamp tea-tray

During the covid lockdown, homewares genius Ella Doran set up a project called Design Your Own Tray. Chris sent her his drawing of Le Corbusier's chapel at Ronchamp, and this is the result.
They're available to buy now, see the online shop section of this site (in the menu at the left).

June 2020
Chairs for Starck Studio

Chris's Tottenham Court Mod chairs and barstools have been specified by Philippe Starck Studio for two projects in Paris. Here are the first of a batch of over 120 pieces now in production at Hotchkiss Oak Furniture in Derbyshire. They'll be finished in Tung Oil ready for delivery to the Boulevard Pasteur in September.

More on Thomas Hotchkiss and his team of craftsmen at:

May 2020

During the lockdown Chris is taking part in 'Artist Support Pledge' which was set up by artist Matthew Burroughs in response to the COVID19 pandemic. Artists and makers post images on Instagram using #artistsupportpledge with details of their work and prices. To encourage sales all works are priced no more than £200. Every time an artist reaches £1,000 of sales, they pledge to buy £200 of work from other artists.
To see work for sale please click on Artist Support Pledge in the menu on the left.

March 2020
Etching with Ironbridge Fine Arts

Chris has started working with Ironbridge Fine Arts on a new project to re-create some of his Le Corbusier drawings as hand-printed etchings.
It's still early days on this but already there are very many new possibilities.
(Project temporarily on hold due to the coronavirus lockdown. More soon!)

February 2020
Design Our World : Gendered Innovations

Chris's drawing of E1027 - Eileen Gray's iconic villa at Roquebrune Cap Martin - is featuured along with Eileen's Bibendum chair and E1027 side table in the exhibition Design Our World: Gendered Innovations, held by the National Taiwan Science Education Center.
The show tells the stories of female scientists, engineers, and inventors from the Middle Ages to our times, and explores the relationship between women and science throughout history.

December 2019
Closure of Sitting Firm

Chris has been closely associated with Sitting Firm Chairmakers since 2008, and SF's founder and MD Dave Green has put many of Chris's designs into production. But all things pass, and Dave will be closing Sitting Firm at the end of this year.

BUT : meanwhile it's business as usual at Chris Eckersley Design!
(Photo from the launch of the 'Wilson Bench' for Cheltenham Museum and Art Gallery, 2016, designed by Chris and made by Sitting Firm.)

October 2019
The Cosmati Pavement

The 'Cosmati Pavement' at Westminster Abbey is unique in being the largest and most important example in England of the medieval 'marmorari romani'. Much has been written about the pavement's meaning, its geology, and of its inscriptions which appear to predict the date of the end of the world. But what of its maker - who was he, and how was the design laid out?
Chris has been looking for clues in the pavement's dimensions and the first draft of this research can be seen at :

September 2019

Chris has been invited by the Crafts Council to act as a Quality Moderator for applications to their 2020 Hothouse programme.
Hothouse is the Crafts Council’s national programme of creative and business support for makers at the start of their career. The programme runs over the course of six months and gives makers the tools they need to build a successful and sustainable craft business.

August 2019
Seating for Nando's

Chris Eckersley Design has been working with Fusion Design & Architecture to create a series of curved seating booths in solid oak for Nando's new restaurant at White City, Manchester. Fusion are an award-winning consultancy who lead the way in innovative bar and restaurant design.
This is one of a number of bespoke jobs we have done for Nando's over the last few years.
(Photo by

July 2019
The Art + Christianity Awards 2019

Chris and Gareth Neal have been shortisted for this year's Art + Christianity Awards for their work on the re-ordering of the Sanctuary at the RC Church of Our Lady of Victories, Kensington.
The awards, which are open to all faiths, were set up in 2003 to recognise high standards of art and design in a religious setting. Others shortlisted are : DaeWha Kang, Graeme Mortimer Evelyn, Ptolemy Mann, and Stephen Owen.

June 2019
Who Is Your Corbu?

Chris is one of 23 Corbusier enthusiasts from 15 countries who have been invited to participate in the WhoIsYourCorbu event which celebrates the anniversary of the restoration of Le Corbusier's Paris apartment.

May 2019
Outdoor chairs for Philippe Starck

Chris's 'Tottenham Court Mod' chair (originally made at Heal's Modern Craft Market at Tottenham Court Road) has been selected by the Phillppe Starck Studio (Paris) for several hospitality projects.
Chris has made an outdoor version in Iroko, finished in white (although any colour / natural finish is available).
Here is the first batch of twenty chairs in the workshop ready for delivery to the south of France.

March 2019
Paschal Candle for Our Lady of Victories

The final piece for the Gareth Neal - Chris Eckersley redesign of the Sanctuary at Our Lady of Victories, is the 'Paschal' Candle.

Paschal candles have a special connection with Easter and signify the bringing of light. After research into Cosmati candle holders in Rome which typically have a barleytwist stem, Chris and Gareth designed a spiral version of their brass floor candlesticks from the first stage of this project.
A complex shape, perfectly realised in solid oak.

February 2019
Additional furniture for Our Lady of Victories

Following the completion last year of new furnishings for the Sanctuary at the church of Our Lady of Victories, Kensington, Chris and fellow designer Gareth Neal have collaborated on new designs for some additional pieces of furniture.
The project includes a pair of tables, each 3.5 metres in length, now in use at the west end of the nave.

January 2019
Design Our World : Gendered Innovations - Exhibition in Taiwan

Chris's drawings of Eileen Gray's Villa E1027 are included in a new exhibition at the National Taiwan Science Education Center.
The show, which opens on the 25th of January and runs until November 24th, features a section on the ground-breaking work and influence of Eileen Gray.
Design Our World looks at women's stories and reflects on gendered design challenges, with the aim of bringing a more equitable and sustainable innovation into the world.
More details at :

October 2018
Earth Photo at Grizedale Forest

The Royal Geographical Society's Earth Photo exhibition continues at Grizedale Forest from the 11th of October until the 20th of January next year.
More details and directions at :

September 2018

Chris, and the other nominators for 100%Forward have been invited to show their latest work alogside the talented newcomers. Chris is exhibitig three plywood and ash dowel variations on his new 'Chair-in-a-Day' chair, The woven cushions are by Majeda Clarke.

September 2018
100%Design : 100%Forward

100% Forward is a new event at 100%Design which will highlight UK emerging design talents, each nominated by one of seven established designers who launched their career at 100% Design.
Chris has nominated textile weaver Majeda Clarke.
Curator Barbara Chandler says: “Since 100% Design started in 1995, our stellar UK designers have created a world-famous design industry, and continue to do so. But all industries need new talent. Who better to spot it than the successful design entrepreneurs who launched their careers at 100% Design?"

August 2018

Earth Photo exhibition

The Royal Geographical Society's Earth Photo exhibition is now up and running and continues until the 21st September at their gallery on Exhibition Road.
An A5 postcard book of 12 of the shortlisted entries (including Chris's Blue Field) is available Price including postage only £6.49 - bargain!

August 2018

Course : The Wiltshire Chair

Join Alex Hellum, Carl Clerkin, and Chris Eckersley for an experimental two-and-a-half day chair-making course at Messum's Wiltshire.
Set in a medieval tithe barn built in 1296, the course will encourage eight makers of mixed ability to explore the idea of design-through-making.
Book your place at:

August 2018

Talk : A Life in Design

On Wednesday the 8th of August, at Messums Wiltshire, Chris will be giving an illustrated talk on the theme of 'design-through-making' and the importance of making things useful and affordable.
Supper is available afterwards in 'The Mess'.

For more details and booking please go to:

July 2018

Royal Geographical Society : Earth Photo

Chris's photographic study of a field in France has been shortlisted for Earth Photo - an exhibition of 50 exceptional images that document the earth in all its diversity. Earth Photo aims to enable a better understanding of the world around us, focusing on four key themes - People, Nature, Place and Change.

The exhibition is at the Royal Geographical Society in London from 23 July to 21 September.
More details at :

June 2018

Daylesford Summer Festival

Hole & Corner are curating the Makers Barn at this year's festival and have invited the Bodging Project to put on an extempore performance of unplanned making. The team for this event is Alex Hellum, Carl Clerkin, and Chris Eckersley. Please come along; all are welcome for a great day out in the country with loads to see. Saturday 9th June.
More details at :

May 2018

George Clark's Amazing Spaces

Chris's chairs are featured in the latest of George Clarke's Amazing Spaces programmes on Channel 4 - a pair of Coventrys in English Ash and the all-new Mendlesham Rocker

The project - to build a Welsh cabin in 24 hours - was inspired by the 600-year-old legend (Ty Unnos) that if you build a house in less than a day, with a fire burning in the hearth, then the house and the ground it's built on is yours to keep.

April 2018

Our Lady of Victories

The furniture, brass and stone-work designed by Chris Eckersley and Gareth Neal for the church of Our Lady of Victories in Kensington is the subject of a learned article on Catholic church reorderings in the latest issue of Art and Christianityby Canon Peter Newby

Art and Christianity is a quarterly journal which since 1994 has published features, exhibition and book reviews, news and comment from the field of art and religion.

March 2018

Reuben chair

Chris's Reuben chair for Arlo & Jacob is included in the April issue of House Beautiful magazine in their Get the Look feature.
'A wooden frame armchair is useful tucked into a corner, and a strong colour makes a style statement' say HB!

Reuben in Lime with walnut frame is priced at £395 from Arlo & Jacob.

February 2018

Plywood seating for The Mess

The plywood seating, designed by Chris for The Mess cafe and bar, has now been installed at Messums Wiltshire.
Bespoke leatherwork by Stencraft.
(photo by Iain Kemp)

February 2018

Jemima rocker for Arlo & Jacob

Chris's Jemima chair has just been launched by Arlo & Jacob, and is their first rocking chair. It is made by craftsmen in Derbyshire and the solid beech frame comes with a lifetime guarantee. The upholstery choice includes a huge range of fabrics and prices start at £485.
This cosy rocker has just been featured at sundaytimeshome

February 2018

The Mess at Messums Wiltshire

The Mess cafe and bar at Messums Wiltshire has just opened serving delicious Australian-themed brunches and lunches. At the request of Johnny Messum, the bar was designed by Chris as a new version of his plywood sculpture for Messums Wood exhibition of last year.
(photo by Iain Kemp)

January 2018

My Hole & Corner

As part of their ongoing My Hole & Corner project, Hole & Corner magazine has featured an interview with Chris talking about his favourite place-of-escape : " Le Corbusier's Couvent de La Tourette.
Read the full article at :

November 2017

Launch of Eckersley + Minchin website

Chris and fitted-furniture expert Alan Minchin have been working together on occasional projects for many years - a collaboration that combines Chris's 3-dimensional design skills with Alan's meticulous attention to detail, both in the workshop and on-site

The new website illustrates their approach by showcasing three unique case-studies..

October 2017

Launch of Asuha chair by Koji Katsuragi

A new chair, individually hand-made in Japan by the great craftsman Koji Katsuragi is now available via this website (see 'ONLINE SHOP').
The chair takes its name from 'Asuha' - the ancient Japanese god who gave protection on long journeys.

Each chair bears Koji's personal stamp, and takes about 8 weeks to arrive.
Chris is the sole representative for Koji Katsuragi in the UK.


September 2017

Launch of Faith in Craft website

To coincide with the opening of the re-ordered Sanctuary at
Our Lady of Victories, Chris and Gareth Neal have launched a new website telling the story of the whole project including details of their research into the history of the church and its architect Adrian Gilbert Scott. The project has involved collaborations with some of the UK’s leading craftsmen, resulting in a contemporary Sanctuary for a modern Parish.

The new site can be viewed at :

September 2017

Opening of the new Sanctuary of Our Lady of Victories at
London Design Festival

For the last two years Chris and fellow designer Gareth Neal have been collaborating on designs for the re-ordering of the Sanctuary of the Church of Our Lady of Victories on Kensington High Street, London. Working with craftsmen in stone, wood, and brass, Fifteen new pieces have been designed and installed.
The Church (which is just across the road from the Design Museum) is open every day during LDF for viewing.

More details at :

August 2017

Painted Plywood Construction for Messums Wiltshire

Chris has been down at Messums setting up his wall piece for the
Wood : Design and Inspiration exhibition which opens on Friday.
Halfway between furniture and sculpture, Painted Plywood Construction is 4.4 metres long and incorporates painted plywood panels which can be moved by the viewer to give an endless variety of subtle combinations.

August 2017

Tottenham Court Rocker

Chris's Tottenham Court Rocker is featured as an 'object of desire' in the latest issue (08) of Country Living's Modern Rustic.
This hand-made rocking chair with distinctive leather seat is available from the 'Online Shop' section of this website (see menu on left), Other leather options are available. The original was made during a Bodging Project event at Heal's Modern Craft Market on Tottenham Court Road.

August 2017

Wood : Design and Inspiration at Messums Wiltshire

Set in the largest medieval barn in the UK, this exhibition will celebrate the designers, makers, artists and artisans working in this remarkable material today. Exhibitors include Fred Baier, Emma Buckmaster, Sebastian Cox, Joseph Cribbs, Chris Eckersley, Thomas Heatherwick, Luke Hope, Martino Gamper, Max Lamb, Jeroen Verhoeven, Gareth Neal, and Nic Webb. The show opens on 11th August and runs until the 3rd of September.

July 2017

drawings on Instagram

Don't forget that Chris is now on Instagram, with a drawings-only site which is regularly updated and added to.
Current posts feature drawings and sketches from Chris's recent Le Corbusier research trip, including this sketch (left) of the Maison Radieuse at Nantes-Reze.

July 2017

The Learned Society of Extra Ordinary Objects at Somerset House

Chris, and the other Fellows of the Learned Society of Extra Ordinary Objects, are exhibiting items from their Collection in the Terrace Rooms at Somerset House. The show runs from the 5th of July until the 3rd of September. On display for the first time in nearly 300 years is the famous portrait collection by the artist D.J.Clarke. For the full story click 'ordinary objects' in the menu on the left.

June 2017

Drawings and Prints at Morgan Showroom

Clerkenwell Design Week may have come and gone, but Chris's exhibition of prints and original drawings continues at Morgan London until the 23rd of August.
All work is for sale and prints can be ordered online via this website.

May 2017

Making Space talk at Morgan Showroom

Chris has been invited by Morgan London to talk about his work in furniture, objects, and sculpture, and how his architectural studies form the background to all this.
Please join us at 11am on the 23rd May, at Morgan London - all welcome.

May 2017

Making Space at Morgan Showroom for Clerkenwell Design Week

For Clerkenwell Design Week 2017 Chris has been invited by Morgan London to show a selection of his architectural drawings and prints. Titled Making Space, the exhibition opens on the 23rd May with an illustrated talk by Chris at 11am in the Morgan Showroom, 1 Dallington Street, Clerkenwell
More details at :

Chris is showing a new edition of 12 archive-quality fine digital prints based on drawings made at various Le Corbusier sites, plus 18 original drawings, including his award-winning sketch-survey of the Pazzi Chapel.

All works are for sale

April 2017

Launch of Modern Mendlesham in Milan

Chris and Sitting Firm are launching the Modern Mendlesham chair with Designersblock at this year's Salone Internazionale del Mobile, in Milan.

Chris has based the design on the distinctive regional chairs made in East Anglia from around 1790 to 1830, updated for 21st century living.

See us at via Dante 14, Milano, from the 4th until the 9th of April.

March 2017


Chris is now on Instagram specifically posting examples relating to his ongoing love of drawing.

The idea is to create a platform for Chris's research into so-called 'good' proportions and the experience of architectural space.

Guaranteed no pets, no food, no cappuccinos-with-artistic-froth, no selfies, no footsies - just drawings

February 2017

The Forge Floor Lamp launched

Chris's Forge Floor Lamp for artisan blacksmiths Made By The Forge has just been launched, and are now available at:
The lamps come with a choice of finials which exactly match MBTF's range of handmade curtain poles.

December 2016

The Schroder House

Chris is just back from a trip to Utrecht where he has been drawing at the Rietveld-Schroder House in preparation for an exhibition at Morgan London in 2017.

More to follow soon...

November 2016

The Discerning Eye

The Discerning Eye opened at the Mall Galleries on Thursday. This year there are a record 725 works by over 400 artists on show which is a real mix of painting, drawing, sculpture and multi-media. All works are small - the deal is everything has to be under 50cm in its maximum dimension.
Chris's pieces include 162 and two drawings from the Mornings in Florence project.
Worth a look!,%20Chris

September 2016

The Discerning Eye

Two paintings and two drawings by Chris have been selected for this year's Discerning Eye exhibition at the Mall Galleries.
The 2016 Discerning Eye Exhibition will be the 25th show and will open to the public on Thursday 17 November and run until Sunday 27 November.
Admission will be free and all works will be for sale.

September 2016

Launch of Tottenham Court Mod Bar Stool

Chris's bar stool design has just gone into production at Sitting Firm Chairmakers. It partners Chris's chair of the same name, which was designed during The Great Heal's Bodging Race at Tottenham Court Road.

It's available in English Ash or European Oak, from Sitting Firm, or direct from this webiste (see 'ONLINE SHOP').

August 2016

Peckham Festival

The first Peckham Festival takes place in Sep 2016, bringing together local art, music, and food. Read Chris's story of his visit to Kaymet whose workshop can be visited as part of the Open Studios event

July 2016

Reuben armchair launched by Arlo & Jacob

Chris's Reuben armchair is now available exclusively from Arlo & Jacob, either online or from their London showroom. This elegant comfortable chair has either an oak or walnut frame and there's a choice from a huge range of upholstery fabrics.

More details at:

July 2016

15 degrees installed at Doddington Hall

Chris is just back from Lincolnshire where he has installed 15 degrees in the grounds of Doddington Hall as part of their biennial sculpture show. The exhibition opens on the 30th of June and runs until September 11th.

More details at :

June 2016

Arlo & Jacob

Chris is the latest designer to join the team at Arlo & Jacob, a family-run company based in Long Eaton (the home of British upholstered furniture) with a showroom in west London. Everything at Arlo & Jacob is made on a one-man one-job basis; their factory made up of generations of craftsmen and women. Chris's Reuben chair will be launched very soon.

May 2016

Launch of pendant lights for Made By The Forge

Chris's range of spun copper and aluminium pendant light fittings has just been launched by Made By The Forge.
This is a direct outcome of the ongoing Forge Project which is a collaboration between designers Anthony Dickens, Chris Eckersley, Gareth Neal, William Warren, and artisan blacksmith and farrier Richard Fishenden and his wife Juliet.
Made By The Forge are based in rural Suffolk and are unique in that they plant a tree for every order placed.

May 2016

Stipo shortlisted for Design Week Awards

It's just been announced that the Stipo cabinet range, designed by Chris and Sarah Kay for Heal's, has been shortlisted in the Furniture category at this year's Design Week Awards. The winner will be announced on June 14th at an event at the Honourable Artillery Company Gardens.

May 2016

The Barrel Store refectory table and chairs

The Barrel Store is a brand new 'arts hostel' and part of New Brewery Arts, Cirencester. Chris was commissioned to design the sixteen-seat refectory table and chairs for the community room, and the furniture was made by Sitting Firm. Visitors can stay at the hostel, meet the resident makers, and choose from a huge variety of courses ranging from art history to stone-carving.

April 2016

The Barrel Store staircase

The Barrel Store has just opened at New Brewery Arts, Cirencester. The massive solid oak staircase was designed by Chris in collaboration with architect Nicholas Arbuthnott, and is the main feature of the arts hostel's entrance and central space.The curved walls are lined with sawn ash, giving the impression of the inside of a huge barrel.

April 2016


The second Great Heal's Bodging Race is over and now it's time to find the winner. Click the link below to vote for your favourite bodger. And every vote goes into a prize draw so one lucky voter will receive £100 in Heal's vouchers.
Everything made during the race will be on display in Heal's Tottenham Court Road store until the end of April.

April 2016

The Wilson Bench

The 'Friends Bench', designed by Chris Eckersley and commissioned and given by the Friends of the Wilson to Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum (a.k.a.The Wilson) was unveiled on the 7th of April. Conceived as a modern day tribute to some of the very fine Arts & Crafts pieces in the Museum's collection, and intended as a resting place for visitors, the Wilson Bench was made by Dave Green and his team at Sitting Firm Chairmakers using local Ash from Herefordshire, and Elm from Scotland.

March 2016

The Great Heal's Bodging Race 2016

Chris and the Bodging Project will again be taking part in a 'race' in the front windows of Heal's on Tottenham Court Road, as part of Heal's Modern Craft Market.The team this year is Carl Clerkin, Chris Eckersley, Dave Green, Gitta Gschwendtner, Sarah Kay, and William Warren - plus a selection of crafty friends.

February 2016

Stipo cabinet range launched at Heal's

The Stipo cabinet range, designed by Chris and Sarah Kay, has just been launched at Heal's, and is available at their stores and online.

More details on how the range fits together at :

and at :

January 2016

Sanctuary furnishings for Our Lady of Victories

Chris and fellow designer Gareth Neal have been commissioned by the Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of Victories, London, to collaborate on designs for new furnishings in stone, timber, and metal, for the Sanctuary. This beautiful church was designed by Adrian Gilbert Scott in the 1950s, and is on Kensington High Street.

December 2015

Stipo cabinet range preview

At Heal's store, on Tottenham Court Road, members of the press have just previewed the Stipo range of cabinets-on-stands that Chris has designed in collaboration with Sarah Kay. This is a very versatile range of elegant storage cabinets that can be combined in endless variations with a choice of two stand heights.

Stipo will be available in store at Heal's in Spring 2016.

December 2015

The Wilson Bench Commission

In 2013 Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum reopened as 'The Wilson' after a £6 million pound redevelopment. Chris has been commissioned by The Friends of the Wilson to design and produce a piece of furniture for the Gallery's new foyer. The commission will take the form of a welcoming public bench. Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum is well known nationally as having a major collection of Arts & Crafts Movement furniture.

December 2015

Pazzi Chapel prints launched

Working closely with Fine Digital Print of Marlborough, a series of archive-quality limited edition signed prints is now available from Chris's award-winning drawing of the Pazzi Chapel, Florence.

These may be ordered in the 'order online' section of this website.

November 2015

FX Awards 2015

Chris is the winner of the FX Award for Drawing 2015 for his drawing of the Pazzi Chapel at S. Croce in Florence, which the judges described as 'a standalone artwork by itself; a beautiful drawing of Brunelleschi's Renaissance building, rhythmic and descriptive.'

The drawing is part of Chris's ongoing 'Mornings in Florence' project, an investigation into so-called 'good' proportions.

More details at :

November 2015

Devon chair at Furniture Makers' Hall

Following the recent refurbishment of the Worshipful Company of Furnituremakers' premises at Austin Friars, London, two of Chris's Devon chairs have been selected for display in the reception area. The occasional table is by Mark Gabbertas.

The chairs and table will remain in place until the new year, when other pieces from the Design Guild Mark scheme will be shown.

November 2015

Doddington Hall Sculpture Biennale 2016

Chris has been selected to take part in next year's outdoor sculpture exhibition at Doddington Hall near Lincoln, a stunning 1590s house designed by the legendary Elizabethan architect Robert Smythson.
Chris will be showing his 'systems' piece 15 Degrees. The exhibition will open at the end of July 2016.

More information at :

November 2015

The Barrel Store

Chris has been commissioned by New Brewery Arts to design the refectory table and chairs for their new 'Barrel Store' arts hostel in Cirencester. This is an exciting new venture for NBA and will enable them to run residential craft courses and many other events.
The table and chairs will be made by hand in English Ash from Herefordshire by Dave Green and his team at Sitting Firm.

More details at :

October 2015

Hothouse 6

Chris has been invited to join the interview panel for this year's Hothouse which is a Crafts Council initiative to support emerging makers.
Hothouse includes one-day and residential workshops, 1:1 mentoring, and connects new makers to a national network of organisations. It provides the tools to grow a sustainable and successful business and has already helped 163 makers establish a strong foundation at the start of their career.

October 2015

SIT:Select Conference 2015

There are still a few tickets left for the SITSelect Conference in Cheltenham on October 24th (Chris is one of the speakers) and the theme will be : Crafting the Future : Technology and the Handmade. Tickets are available at :

September 2015

FX International Design Awards

It's just been announced that Chris has been shortlisted for the FX International Design Awards 2015 in the Drawing category.

The winner will be announced at an event at the Grosvenor Hotel in London's Park Lane on 25th November.

Follow this link for more details :

September 2015

London Design Festival

Chris's Tottenham Court Mod chair, which was prototyped during the Great Heal's Bodge earlier this year, is being launched by Sitting Firm Chairmakers at their stand (LS09) at designjunction.

The exhibition runs from the 24th to the 27th of September and is at 'The College' - the old Central Saint Martins building on Southampton Row.
Other chairs showing are by Sarah Kay, Gitta Gschwendter, Katie Walker, Dave Green, and Koji Katsuragi.

More details at :

July 2015

FX Drawing Competition 2015

FX magazine have produced a short film about this year's FX Drawing Competition which featured two drawings by Chris of the Pazzi Chapel.
Click on this link to view the film :

June 2015

Moreton Wood

Chris has also been chair-seat cording with Jo Morton at Moreton Wood, using a frame from one of his Tottenham Court Rocker chairs.

The plan is that this new chair, which was made in prototype form during the Heal's Great Bodging Race earlier this year, will be put into production by Sitting Firm Chairmakers.

June 2015

Moreton Wood

Chris has been basket making with Jo and Paul Morton at Moreton Wood in deepest Herefordshire. Moreton Wood is a beautiful 38 acre woodland managed for conservation and biodiversity by Paul and Jo who are passionate about wildlife and woodland ecology. They celebrate their work by holding fun and informative wildlife events for the local community and others interested in Moreton Wood. Timber that is removed for the good of the woodland ecology is used to make beautiful, individual hand made products.

June 2015

Coventry chair for Cox & Cox

Sitting Firm have just produced a special Elmwood edition of Chris's Coventry chair for online retailer Cox & Cox.

Launched in 2001 with the desire to create a handpicked collection of homeware products that you couldn't find in traditional catalogues, Cox & Cox have taken inspiration from unique and eclectic products that are practical but also beautiful.

Click here for Cox & Cox :

June 2015

15 Degrees at Fresh Air 2015

Chris's sculpture 15 Degrees has now been installed in the grounds of Quenington Sculpture Trust, and the exhibition Fresh Air opens on Sunday the 14th of June. This is the twelth biennial sculpture show at Quenington and features the work of almost 100 artists.
The exhibition is curated by Ana Bianchi, and all work is for sale!
More details and how to get there : /

June 2015

FX Drawing Competition 2015

It's just been announced that two drawings by Chris (of the Pazzi Chapel) have been selected for this year's FX Drawing Competition.
The exhibition opens on the 2nd of July at BDG architecture+design, East Studion Riverside Walk, London SE1.
Chris's drawings were chosen by Drawing at Work's director Trevor Flynn as his personal favourite - read his blog here :

June 2015

Pool House Gallery at Fresh Air 2015

Chris was invited by Miranda Leonard and Fiona Haser - the curators of this year's Pool House exhibition at Fresh Air 2015 - to create a jewellery box inspired by the circular library building at Quenington Old Rectory. Chris has collaborated with Bonner Leather Studio, and woodturners Sitting Firm to produce a beautifully crafted 'box'. The show is at Quenington, Gloucestershire, and opens on Sunday June 14th continuing until Sunday July 5th.
More details and how to get there at :

May 2015

SIT:Select Conference 2015

Chris will be one of the speakers at this year's SIT:Select Conference in October at Cheltenham Town Hall. Other speakers are : Mark Henderson, Peter Layton, Mary Greensted, and Ptolemy Mann. The theme is : Crafting the Future : Technology and the Handmade.

May 2015

Harpsden tables for John Lewis

Chris has designed a nest of tables for Sitting Firm Ltd who were invited by John Lewis to produce a range of occasional tables for their Croft Collection spring/summer 2015. Chris's design comprises two small tables, which fit neatly under a larger table, thus Harpsden gives a good-sized coffee table with a pair of matching tables, instead of the traditional nest of tables of three differing sizes.

May 2015

Ashridge console table for John Lewis

Chris has designed a console or sofa table for Sitting Firm Ltd who were invited by John Lewis to produce a range of occasional tables for their Croft Collection. Chris's design references traditional Windsor features - for example steam-bent 'crinoline' stretchers - whilst remaining a contemporary piece in English Ash from Herefordshire.

Ashridge can be ordered online or from all branches of John Lewis :

May 2015

Launch of Kennet tray table for John Lewis

Chris has designed a table with lift off tray for Sitting Firm Ltd who were invited by John Lewis to produce a range of occasional tables for their Croft Collection spring/summer 2015.
The tray, which can be used on its own without the table, makes use of 'Shaker' technology for its steam-bent rim, and has a heat-proof Linoleum surface.

Kennet can be ordered online or from all branches of John Lewis :

April 2015

Bodging Milano rides again

Follow this link for more details on the Bodging group's latest show in Milan :

March 2015

Fresh Air Sculpture Biennale 2015

It's just been announced that Chris is one of the artists selected for this year's Fresh Air Sculpture Biennale to be held from June 14th until the 5th of July in the grounds of the Quenington Sculpture Trust, Gloucestershire.
Chris is making a new powder-coated steel sculpture for the show; the maquette is shown here.

March 2015

Bodging Milano Heal's Edition

The Bodgers are back in Milan in April and all the prototypes made during the Great Heal's Bodging Race will be exhibited with (of course) Designersblock during the Salone del Mobile.The show runs from the 14th until the 19th of April at Ex-Ansaldo, via Tortona 54, Milano. For more details and to register go to : and more at

February 2015

RBSA Open All Media 2015

The first exhibition of the year at the RBSA Galleries in Birmingham previews on Thursday 26th February at 6pm. The exhibition, which includes a recent 'systems' painting by Chris, showcases work by artists from across the UK working in a variety of media, and will run until the 28th of March.

More details at :

February 2015

The Harley Gallery Open Exhibition 2015

The third Open Exhibition at the Harley Gallery has its opening party at 1pm on the 14th of February, and runs until the 12th of April. Two paintings by Chris are included : 10 degrees and 6 by 6 and 10 degress and 7 by 7.
This year's selectors were James Green (printmaker), Julian Bray (painter), and curators: Lesley Beale (Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham), and Kirstie Hamilton (Museums Sheffield).

February 2015

The CASS Celebration Week 2015

On 13th February Chris is one of the guest critics at the CASS School of Design, reviewing the work of students on the Furniture/ Product courses.
This is part of 'Celebration Week', when undergraduate and postgraduate students show their work to a small selected panel of external critics as well as their peers.
More information on the CASS at :

February 2015

Sir Kenneth Grange at Heal's

Design legend Sir Kenneth Grange came into Heal's on Thursday (12th Feb) to cast his vote at the Great heal's Bodging Race.

Who will he vote for? More details and photos at:

February 2015


The Great Heal's Bodging Race is now over and it's time for the votes to be cast.
Please vote for : Carl Clerkin or Chris Eckersley or Gareth Neal or Koji Katsuragi or Sarah Kay or William Warren :

See all the chairs and vote online at :
and click on this link to watch the bodging film :

February 2015

Jonna rocking chair for John Lewis

Chris's lounge rocking chair, named Jonna by John Lewis, has just been launched.
This chair has an exposed stained beech frame that sits beautifully on rocker sleds. It's available in a very wide range of fabrics for the upholstery.

The chair can be ordered through the John Lewis website at :

February 2015

Lounge chair for John Lewis

Chris's Osborne lounge chair has just been launched by John Lewis, who have (slightly bizarrely) renamed it Hanoi.
Hanoi has a high back, tapered legs and a lumbar cushion for additional support. It is available in either a solid oak or walnut frame, and is available in a very wide range of fabrics for the upholstery.

The chair can be ordered through the John Lewis website at :

February 2015

Keeping it Real

Following the success of the Real Craft exhibition at New Brewery Arts, Chris has been invited by the Crafts Council to take part in a panel discussion on the subject : Keeping it Real: Craft and Authenticity
Chaired by Crafts editor Grant Gibson and featuring Chris, Studio Manifold’s Zachary Eastwood-Bloom and up-and-coming designer Xenia Moseley – this event sets out to discover where the limits of craft reside and begs the question: what precisely is ‘real’ craft.
All are welcome : the venue is Heal's at 6pm on Wednesday 11th February.

February 2015

Hole & Corner at Heal's

Hole & Corner magazine have been coveing The Great Heal's Bodging Race and have made a series of filmed interviews with Carl Clerkin, Gareth Neal, Sarah Kay, Chris, and William Warren.
Watch them at :

February 2015

The Great Heal's Bodging Race

As part of Heal's Modern Craft Market 2015 Chris and the Bodging Project have been invited to stage an experimental furniture-making workshop in the front window of Heal's store in Tottenham Court Road.
Come and see the team live from Wednesday the 4th February until Sunday the 8th. More details at and at :

January 2015
The Harley Open Exhibiton

Two paintings by Chris have been selected for the third biennial open exhibition at the Harley Gallery, Welbeck. The show opens on the 14th February and will run until the 12th of April.
One of Chris's paintings is previewed here - titled 10 degrees and 6 by 6.

More details at :

January 2015
New lounge range for Cintique

Chris has designed a range of lounge furniture - called Eden - for Cintique Ltd.
The range includes upholstered single and two-seater ash-framed chairs, and a choice of two rocking chairs. 'Eden', which is a development of Chris's Arden dining chairs, will be launched at the AIS Furniture Show, which runs from the 12th - 14th January, at Cranmore Park in Birmingham.

More details at :

December 2014
A chair for John Lewis

Chris's Osborne chair for Wade Upholstery has been selected by John Lewis for their new collection to be launched in all their stores in the New Year.

Here's a little preview of the frames in the finishing shop at Long Eaton before the cushions are added and the chairs are delivered in January.

December 2014
Heal's Modern Craft Market

Following its launch in 2014, plans for Heal's Modern Craft Market have just been released to the press. Six designers - Chris Eckersley, Sarah Kay, William Warren, Carl Clerkin, Gareth Neal, and Koji Katsuragi - will take over Heal's front window for a week to stage The Great Heal's Bodging Race. Heal's Creative Director Carmel Allen says 'The live Bodging Race in the windows will be a spectacle in itself and I'm thrilled at the calibre of designers who are taking part.'

November 2014
The Discerning Eye 2014

The twentieth Discerning Eye show opened at the Mall Galleries on Thursday, and runs until the 23rd of November. This is a huge exhibition of 657 small works by over three hundred artists. Chris's painting Delight this Life was selected by Simon Martin, artistic director of the Pallant House Gallery, Chichester.

More details at :,%20Chris

October 2014
Real Craft featured in Handful of Salt

The wonderful California-based magazine and website Handful of Salt is currently featuring Chris's exhibition Real Craft.

Handful of Salt is the home of the modern artisanal movement in the USA, covering the intersection of craft and design. The magazine is edited by Regina Connell, a San Francisco Bay Area writer and speaker specializing in design, contemporary craft, and alternative luxury.

October 2014
Real Craft at New Brewery Arts

Chris has been invited by New Brewery Arts to curate an exhibition for their gallery; the show opens on October the 4th and runs until the 16th of November.
The theme is Real Craft and is based on a personal view of craft which is more concerned with the idea of MAKING THINGS than with craft as a vehicle for Fine Art.
Details at : and there is also a Real Craft website at :
The exhibition catalogue can be ordered from print-on-demand printer Blurb at :

The Real Craft logo has been designed and printed by Mr Smith :

October 2014
Chairs for Brasserie Blanc

Chris's Coventry chairs have been selected by Brasserie Blanc for seating at their restaurants in Cheltenham and in Winchester. The chairs are handmade by Sitting Firm Chairmakers in English Ash with Elm seats and back rails.

The photograph shows a chair at Coventry's architecturally outstanding raiiway station (designed by W R Headley, and opened in 1962).

September 2014
50 Moments That Changed Craft

As the Crafts Council's CRAFTS magazine celebrates its 250th issue, Chris is one of the contributors to 50 Moments That Changed Craft - a section of the magazine recording the views of makers, historians, writers, collectors, and gallery owners
CRAFTS magazine is out now.

September 2014
The Discerning Eye 2014

It's just been announced that Chris's painting Delight This Life has been selected for this year's Discerning Eye exhibition at the Mall Galleries.
The show runs from the 13th to the 23rd of November.

September 2014
The Forge Project at London Design Festival's designjunction

The Forge Project has been running over the last year and is a collaboration between designers Anthony Dickens, Chris Eckersley, Gareth Neal, and William Warren - and - the Suffolk-based company Made By The Forge. Each designer has produced a light to be hand-crafted by blacksmith Richard Fishenden. Additionally Chris has designed the Forge Chair with metalwork by Richard, and chairmaking by Sitting Firm. The whole range is being launched at designjunction.

September 2014
Real Craft - why machines are not the enemy

In advance of Chris's exhibition Real Craft which opens at New Brewery Arts, Cirencester, on October 4th, Chris was asked by the Crafts Council to write a piece for the current issue of their magazine CRAFTS, explaining some of the ideas behind the show.

More details and how to get there at:

CRAFTS magazine can be bought at :

August 2014
Launch of the Cornwall chair at Liberty

Chris's Cornwall chair, which he first made in prototype form last year at the Great Windsor Chair Race, and then refined and developed during a trip to Cornwall, has just been launched by Liberty & Co as part of their Autumn/Winter Collection 2014.
The chair is handmade in English Ash from Herefordshire by Dave Green and his team.

July 2014
20 20 Vision

On a brilliant hot day design-writer and photographer Barbara Chandler came to visit Chris at his chapel in Herefordshire as part of her research for 20 20 Vision - 20 years of 100%Design. Barbara has been commissioned by 100% to present a series of photographs for London Design Festival on the theme : Where are they now?
A show of photographs to celebrate the present success of twenty past exhibitors on the occasion of the twentieth exhibition.

100%Design will be at Earl's Court, London from the 17-20 September 2014.

July 2014
Unité drawings

Chris has been back at Le Corbusier's Unité d'Habitation in Marseille making a series of new drawings. These are available as archive quality signed prints on 300gsm Arches paper, and may be bought via the order online section of this website.

June 2014
Chair for John Lewis

Chris's chair for Lloyd Loom of Spalding, which was commissioned by John Lewis as part of their 150th anniversary celebrations, is now available in John Lewis stores nationwide, and online at :

May 2014
Ariege sideboard with Sarah Kay

The sideboard Chris designed in collaboration with Sarah Kay for Contemporary Applied Art's stand at Design Shanghai is now back (by sea) from China and is on display at the CAA gallery in Southwark Sreet, London. This piece was very beautifully made by Jeremy Higson of FFB Ltd, Worcestershire.

May 2014
Launch of the Osborne chair for Cintique

Chris's new Osborne Lounge Chair, manufactured by Cintique, is being launched at the May Design Series held at ExCel in London from Sunday 18th - Tuesday 20th May. Cintique are on stand E290.
More details at

April 2014
Chairs for the RCA

The Royal College of Art has ordered a pair of Chris's Devon chairs for the reception area at its Sculpture studio in SW11. These will sit either side of a bench designed by Sarah Kay.

April 2014
Cov Rock

Chris has designed a rocking version of his Coventry chair as a one-off piece for a private client. This chair was made as a special birthday present for the client's wife; enquires for bespoke pieces like this are always welcome.

March 2014
John Lewis 150 Year Anniversary

Chris's Lloyd Loom chair is one of seven exclusive pieces commissioned by John Lewis to mark their 150th anniversary. The other chairs are from Ercol, Vitra, and Parker Knoll.
More details in the John Lewis Furniture Directory Spring/Summer '14, available soon in all John Lewis stores or click on this link to the JL website:

March 2014
The Forge Project update

The Forge Project (Anthony Dickens, Chris Eckersley, Gareth Neal, and William Warren) reconvened at Made By The Forge in Suffolk last weekend to move forward their new designs for hand-forged lighting with master-farrier and blacksmith Richard Fishenden, and his wife Juliet. We are all working towards the launch of a new collection at London Design Week in September.

March 2014
Unit Twelve Gallery

Chris is exhibiting chairs and birdhouses in an exhibition curated by madebyhand at Unit Twelve - a gallery on a farm in rural Staffordshire.
The show runs from 6th March until the end of May, and is open Thursday - Saturday, 10am - 4pm.

More details and directions at :

February 2014
Design Shanghai with Sitting Firm

Chris is exhibiting his Devon and Coventry chairs with Sitting Firm Chairmakers and the University of Coventry, at their stand at Design Shanghai. Manning the exhibition is designer Bob Verheijden who is launching a new chair; also showing are Dave Green and Katie Walker. This is China's first truly international design event and is expected to attract over 40,000 visitors.
The exhibition runs from the 27th February until the 2nd of March.

February 2014
Design Shanghai with Contemporary Applied Arts

Chris is exhibiting a sideboard, designed in collaboration with Contemporary Applied Arts member Sarah Kay, on the CAA stand at Design Shanghai. This beautifully crafted piece, made by Jeremy Higson, is in a combination of rippled sycamore veeneers and solid oak.

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February 2014
Birmingham Today at the RBSA

Chris has taken W H Brewer's 1886 'Bird's Eye View of Birmingham' as his starting point (you can see this print in the 'Made in Birmingham' section of this website) and re-imagined the same view updated for 2014. This exhibition at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists which runs from 6th Feb - 1st March is an opportunity to celebrate the second city in all its aspects: topographical, cultural, sporting, culinary, political and social. more information at

November 2013
The Hicks Purchase Prize

It's just been announced that Chris has been awarded the Hicks Purchase Prize at the Discerning Eye exhibition, for his drawing of 'A Day at the Pantheon'.

November 2013
The Discerning Eye at the Mall Galleries

The Discerning Eye exhibition - which includes Chris's painting "35" - is now open and continues until the 24th of November. All the works can be viewed in the online catalogue :

October 2013
The Plein Air Project

Chris and his old art-school friend Philip Woods have been out landscape painting on Hergest Ridge, Herefordshire. This is the first in a series of proposed events throughout the next 12 months.

October 2013
Launch of the Cornwall Chair

Chris's Cornwall chair, which he made in prototype form at this year's Great Windsor Chair Race, and then refined and developed during a trip to Cornwall, is about to go into production.
For further details please telephone or email.

September 2013
The Discerning Eye exhibition

Two drawings and one painting by Chris have been selected for the 2013 Discerning Eye exhibition. This year's show was selected by artists Stephen Farthing and Eileen Hogan, collectors Loyd Grossman and Deborah Swallow (director of the Courtauld Institute), and critics Liz Anderson (The Spectator) and Estelle Lovatt.
The exhibition will run from the 14th to the 24th of November at the Mall Galleries in London.
More details at :

September 2013
British Design Awards 2013

Sitting Firm Ltd have been short-listed for 'Best British Brand' in the British Design Awards 2013, for their range which features Chris's Devon Bench.

These awards - now in the 12th year - are sponsored by Elle Decoration and John Lewis. The public are invited to vote for their choice at :
and the winner will be announced in the December issue of Elle Decoration magazine (published on November 6th).

August 2013
The Forge Project

Chris and fellow designers Anthony Dickens, Gareth Neal, and William Warren were invited by Made by the Forge to spend a day in Suffolk learning some of the traditional skills of hand wrought ironwork. The aim is to come up with new designs and then return for a few days in September to make prototypes. Successful designs will be added to the company's range.

August 2013
Mendlesham chairs

Chris has been at Christchurch Mansion in Ipswich to research and make measured drawings of their collection of Mendlesham chairs. These chairs, dating from the early 19th century, are a regional variation of the English Windsor chair, bizarrely combining a classical back with a country seat and legs.

July 2013
50 Chairs for the Wild Rabbit

Chris has designed fifty chairs - all different - for Lady Bamford's Wild Rabbit pub and restaurant at Kingham in Oxfordshire.
The brief was simple : each chair to be a variation on a traditional West Country design, and the look to be what the French call jolie laide.

June 2013
The 3rd Great Windsor Chair Race

The Chair Racers have been invited back to the Contemporary Craft Festival, held annually in the lovely Devon town of Bovey Tracey. This year the team will be : Carl Clerkin, Chris Eckersley, Gareth Neal, Sarah Kay, and William Warren, assisted by hay-weavers Annemarie O'Sullivan and Tom McWalter, and of course the legendary Arnold of Arnold's Kitchens, Camborne. The festival runs from the 7th to the 9th of June; more details at

June 2013
The New Craftsmen exhibition and pop-up shop

Chairs by Chris, Sarah Kay, Koji Katsuragi, and Dave Green are part of The New Craftsmen's current exhibition in a former garage (and before that a stable) at 14 Adam Mews, Mayfair - an old mews lane at the side of the Connaught Hotel.
The New Craftsmen Garage opens on 7th June 2013, and guests can buy, commission and experience an eclectic selection of handmade items, including some stunning wood-fired saltglaze pots by Tim Hurn.

May 2013
Open Weekend at the Harley Gallery

On the weekend of the 11th and 12th of May, Chris, Gareth Neal, William Warren, and members of the public, will be demonstrating the art of broomstick bodging at the Harley Gallery, Welbeck, Worksop, Nottinghamshire.

May 2013
Crafts Magazine

To coincide with the Harley Gallery show, Chris was invited to write a piece for the 'Opinion' page of the Crafts Council's Crafts magazine, giving his views on the experience of designers working in the area of craft.

April 2013
Drawing the Pazzi Chapel

Chris has been back at the Capella Pazzi at S. Croce in Florence, continuing his series of measured drawings of this early example of Renaissance thinking. The aim of the project is to track down the elusive Florentine braccio and discover how this relates to the underlying logic of the design of the building.

March 2013
The Bodging Project at the Harley Gallery

The Harley Gallery at Welbeck, the centre in the East Midlands for contemporary art and craft, is hosting a comprehensive exhibition of pieces from Bodging Milano and the Lloyd Loom Elves throughout its three main galleries.
In addition work by some of the group made before and after their time spent bodging will be exhibited in order to show how the experience of traditional craftwork has affected the designers' practice.
March 27th until June 2nd.

March 2013
Harley Gallery exhibition catalogue

A fully illustrated 100-page exhibition catalogue, edited by Chris Eckersley, with an introduction by David Dewing (Geffrye Museum) and essays by Grant Gibson (Crafts Council), Amos Marchant, Gareth Neal, William Warren, Simon Maidment, and others, is now available from on-demand printers 'Blurb'.
The catalogue can be ordered online (price £25) at :

January 2013
INTERIORS UK 2013 at the NEC

Chris is showing a new colour installation - 100 Real Colours in the VIP Lounge, also new seating with Sitting Firm, and his Spalding chair for Lloyd Loom in Designersblock's fabulous department

November 2012
Spalding Chair

Chris's Spalding chair for Lloyd Loom is going into factory production, and, along with four other pieces from the 'Elves' project, will be added to the classic Lloyd Loom range early in 2013.

September 2012
New Brewery Arts

Chris has been appointed to the Board of Trustees of New Brewery Arts. Set in the heart of the Cotswolds, NBA has a contemporary art gallery, craft shop, cafe, theatre - and 12 working studios with resident makers.

September 2012
London Design Festival : The Lloyd Loom Elves

One weekend in June five designers crept into the Lloyd Loom factory in Spalding, helped themselves to furniture components, and between them made a collection of thirteen new products, which the factory staff discovered on Monday morning.
Lloyd Loom have developed seven pieces for prototyping, which will be shown at designjunction during London Design Festival.

September 2012
London Design Festival : Bodging Milano 2

Designersblock are showing a collection of woodland chairs made by the second group of Milano Bodgers, at the Royal Festival Hall and the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank. This will mark the fifteenth annual Designersblock London show.
More details at :

September 2012
London Design Festival : Devon Bench

Sitting Firm Chairmakers are launcing a new bench designed by Chris - Devon Bench - on their stand at designjunction . The show runs from the 19th - 23rd September at The Sorting Office, New Oxford Street, London.
More details at :

July 2012
Bodging Milano 2

Bodging Milano returns with new group of designers who were invited by Chris Eckersley and Rory Dodd to take to the woods for another back-to-basics chair-making workshop. Many thanks again to Gudrun Leitz at Clissett Wood, Herefordshire. More details and the full photos at

June 2012
launch of the Fife Bench

The 22nd of June marks the official launch of the Fife Bench project. Eighteen public benches (designed by Chris Eckersley and William Warren) have now been installed around the Ancient Kingdom of Fife.
Click on for more details, and find out how you can follow the Fife Bench Trail. The bench in this photograph is at a road junction in Buckhaven.

June 2012
The Contemporary Craft Festival

For the second year Chris Eckersley, Carl Clerkin, Gareth Neal, and William Warren are presenting The Great Windsor Chair Race at this lovely event in the Devon countryside. Many thanks to Ercol who are kindly sponsoring us again by donating components.
More details at :

May 2012
The Craft of Design at Milliken

Chris will be on the panel of the discussion The Craft of Design led by Grant Gibson at Milliken, as part of Clerkenwell Design Week.

April 2012
Design Guild Mark

Chris has been awarded a Design Guild Mark by the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers (one of the London Livery Companies) for his Devon chair. A small number of these awards are made annually to 'mark and reward the work of the finest designers working in Britain and the best of British designers working abroad'. /GuildMarkSelect.aspx?qsType=Design

March 2012
Jerwood Drawing on tour

The Jerwood Drawing Prize exhibition moves to the Lanchester Gallery, Jordan Well, Coventry, and the show is on from the 2nd to the 31st of March.

January 2012
Jerwood Drawing on tour

The sixty drawings from this year's Jerwood Drawing Prize exhibition (which includes Chris's drawing of a room at Le Corbusier's Marseille Unite building) goes on tour to the Bayart gallery in Bute Street, Cardiff. The exhibition runs from the 4th to the 26th of January. More details at :

January 2012
Interiors 2012

At Interiors 2012 at the NEC, Birmingham, Chris is showing chairs and a new coffee table with Sitting Firm in Hall 1; colour charts in the press/VIP Lounge in Hall 2; and bird houses with Designersblock in their Design Village, - also in Hall 2. The show is on from the 22nd to the 25th of January.

January 2012
Top Drawer : Home

The production version of Chris's Devon chair is being launched by manufacturers Sitting Firm Chairmakers at 'Home' - the brand new homewares show. The exhibition runs from the 15th - 17th of January at Earl's Court 2, London.
Details at :

December 2011
Fife Benches installed

All eighteen public benches, designed by Chris and William Warren, have now been installed around the ancient kingdom of Fife. Some have views of the Firth of Forth, another has a view of a traffic roundabout, but all have been well received by the locals. Residents' group CLEAR have described the benches as 'a real asset'.

November 2011
Fife Bench in production

The manufacture of the first eighteen benches is now nearing completion at the factory of Envirovent Ltd, in Thornton, Fife. In December the benches will be delivered and installed at sites across Fife, including Tanshall, Inverkeithing, Buckhaven, Dunfermline, and Lochgelly.

November 2011
Midcentury Modern

Chris, along with Dave Green and William Warren, will be exhibiting for one day only at Midcentury Modern, on Sunday 20th November, from 10am until 4pm, at Dulwich College, London. We have a selection of new work all now in production at Dave Green's re-formed company - Sitting Firm Chairmakers.

More details at :

September 2011
Jerwood Drawing Prize

Chris's drawing of a room at Le Corbusier's Unite d'Habitation can be seen at the Jerwood Drawing Prize exhibition, Jerwood Space, 171 Union Street, Bankside, London. The show is on from the 14th of Septmber until the 30th of October.
More details at :

September 2011
Colour Charts

There will be an exhibition of Chris's hand-painted colour charts, inspired by the colours found in the University of Birmingham's Winterbourne Botanic Garden, at the Coach House Gallery, Winterbourne House and Garden, Edgbaston Park Road, Birmingham, from the 1st of September until the 13th of October. Directions at :

August 2011
New sideboard for Liberty

Chris has designed a new sideboard - Arden Two - for Liberty, featuring an exclusive colour palette derived from his Winterbourne Colour Charts project. Available now from Liberty's furniture department.

July 2011
Bird houses at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Chris's Byrdhouses are showcased at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, along with paper flowers made by artist Suzi McLaughlin. The exhibition runs until September the 4th.
More details and how to get there at :

July 2011
Jerwood Drawing Prize

It has just been announced that Chris is one of the artists shortlisted for this year's Jerwood Drawing Prize. The exhibition opens at the Jerwood Space, London, on September 14th, and then tours nationally. More details at :

June 2011
Fresh Air 2011 with New Brewery Arts

Chris and Gitta Gschwendtner are showing oak benches in the Pool House at Fresh Air 2011 held in the lovely riverside grounds of Quenington Rectory, Gloucestershire. The exhibition is on from 19th June until 10th July. More details at

June 2011
The Great Windsor Chair Race

At this year's Contemporary Craft Fair, Chris and fellow designers Carl Clerkin and William Warren are staging The Great Windsor Chair Race - a three day competition to see who can make the most, or the best, or the most innovative Windsor Chair, from components kindly donated by ERCOL.
See the Crafts Council blog :

June 2011
FX Magazine

On the 60th anniversary of the Festival of Britain, Chris, along with Wayne Hemingway, Matthew Hilton, and Russell Pinch, are interviewed by FX Magazine on the subject of how mid-century design casts its influence on the design of today.

May 2011
Bodging at Clerkenwell Design Week

The Bodging Milano group is showing a representative selection of the current range as part of Clerkenwell Design Week. The show is on from the 24th - 26th May in the Farmiloe Building, St John Street, London.
Registration and information at

May 2011
Midcentury Modern at Lord's

For one day only on Sunday the 15th of May, Chris is exhibiting new work with Midcentury Modern at Lord's Cricket Ground London. Meet the vintage dealers and see Chris's garden range outside the Nursery Pavilion. From 9am until 4pm. More details at

May 2011
Bodging film at Collect

On Friday the 6th of May, the Crafts Council will present the Bodging Milano film at Collect (the International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects) at the Saatchi Gallery, King's Road, London. More details at :

April 2011 - Fife Bench Community Colour Picker

The prototype bench is now being made at Thornton, in Fife, and local residents are helping to choose the colour combination for the benches in their area. Click on this link use the interactive colour picker, and see which colours you prefer.

April 2011 - Vogelschau in Hamburg

Chris has made some new wall-mounted bird houses for the exhibition Vogelschau ('Bird-show') at the Crafts2eu Gallery in Hamburg. The show opens on the 27th of April and continues until the 18th of June.

More information is at :

April 2011 - Salone del Mobile Milan

Chris and the Milano Bodgers are exhibiting with Designersblock as part of Ventura Lambrate, from the 12th to the 17th of April. This show will launch the collection of chairs produced at Dave green's Sitting Firm factory.
For more details, times, and directions, go to

March 2011 - Bodging Milano website

Chris and the Milano Bodgers now have their own website dedicated to all things bodging. The whole project, the exhibitions, and updates on future activities, can all be seen at :

In addition you can order a chair online from the Bodging Collection. Collect the set!

March 2011 - Midcentury Modern

Chris is again exhibiting at the one-day Midcentury Modern show to be held at Dulwich College on Sunday the 20th of March. New designs will include dining table and benches made by Dave Green of Sitting Firm Ltd, and a range of painted wooden candlesticks. This is a fantastic day out in South London, with lots of vintage dealers attending. More details at :

March 2011 - Global Colour Research

Chris has been invited to join the London panel of Global Colour, which is an international colour consultancy providing colour trend information two years ahead of season. The bi-annual colour forecast book Mix Trends is a tool which helps businesses understand colour, seasonal trends, and their implications. More information at the website :

January 2011 - Interiors 2011

Chris is exhibiting new work with Designersblock as part of Thinking Space at Interiors 2011 at the NEC, Birmingham. The exhibition runs from the 23rd to the 26th of January.

For more details and to pre-register go to :

January 2011 - 1000 Designs for the Garden

Chris's Byrdhouses are featured in the new book 1000 Designs for the Garden and Where to Find Them by Geraldine and Ian Rudge, published by Laurence King.

Order now on Amazon :

November 2010 - Midcentury Modern

For one day only, on Sunday November 14th, Chris is exhibiting new work with Assemblyroom and Sitting Firm at Midcentury Modern - a selling exhibition at Dulwich College, London.

More details at :

October 2010 - Bodging at Barbed

Following the Bodging group's show at the Bargehouse during London Design Week, all the chairs are now being shown in a selling exhibition at Barbed in Barnes, West London, until the 8th of November.

For details of Barbed, see :

October 2010 - Grand Designs Live

Chris's A-Frame Pavilion - manufactured by Sitting Firm Ltd - will be exhibited on their stand at Grand Designs Live, at the NEC, 8th-10th October. Chris has designed a new desk and home office furniture for the pavilion interior. See us at Stand G520.

September 2010 - Two's Company at the V&A

On the 24th of September, Chris and the Milano Bodgers were invited to take part in Two's Company at the V&A Museum, as part of London Design Week. For one evening they presented The Fantastic Broomstick Bodge where members of the public were helped to make 'love-seat' benches from old broomsticks and plywood. See :

September 2010 - London Design Festival

The Milano Bodgers are showing their woodland chairs plus the new chairs made at Dave Green's factory in Coventry with Designersblock, at the Bargehouse, South Bank. The show is on from Thursday 23rd until Sunday 26th September. See the Crafts Council review at :

September 2010 - Fife Bench Project

Chris and fellow designer William Warren have been selected by public art commissioning body PACE to work on designs for public seating for five locations in the ancient Kingdom of Fife.
To view initial concepts please go to :

August 2010 - Sideboard at Liberty

Chris's Arden sideboard in solid Ash with painted sliding doors is now available at Liberty's in London. See it in the furniture department on the top floor.

July 2010 - Bodging in Whitehall

During July, August and September, the Crafts Council is exhibiting the Bodging Milano group of chairs at the Ministerial Office of the Department of Culture Media and Sport.

July 2010 - Cov-Bodge

On July 9th the Milano Bodgers got together again, this time at Dave Green's chair factory in Coventry. The Bodgers took over the whole factory for three days and made fourteen newly-designed chairs. The results will be exhibited with Designersblock during London Design Week. Watch the video at :

June 2010 - The Contemporary Craft Fair 2010

Chris is once again exhibiting new work at the Contemporary Craft Fair held at Mill Marsh Park, Bovey Tracey, in the beautiful Devon countryside. This year Chris is presenting a wide range of outdoor pieces - including the 'A'-Frame Pavilion and a new trestle table - in a contemporary garden setting. 11th - 13th June

April 2010 - Designersblock Milan 10:10

Greenwood chairs from the Bodging Milano project are on show at Spazio Revel, Via Thaon di Revel, Isola, Milan, from April 14th to the 19th, as part of Designersblock Milan 10:10.
Watch out for the forthcoming article on this in the next issue of Crafts Magazine

March 2010 - Bodging Milano

Following on from Chris's chair-making with Gudrun Leitz last year at Clissett's Wood, Herefordshire, he is returning with nine designer friends on 30th March for another week in the woods. The results will be exhibited at Spazio Revel in Milan, from 14th - 19th April.

March 2010 - West Midlands Open

Seven into Six - a recent painting by Chris Eckersley - is one of 140 works by Midlands-based artists selected for the exhibition West Midlands Open.

The show runs from 6 March until 2 May at the Gas Hall, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

See :

February 2010 - Reap and Sew

Chris is taking part in the exhibition Reap and Sew at the Oriel Myrddin Gallery, Church Lane, Carmarthen, which opens on the 27th February until the 3rd of April. The show features a selection of craft and design objects influenced by gardens and growth.

More details at :

January 2010 - Barbara Bench launched

Launched at Thinking Space at the NEC is a sculptural bench designed by Chris and made from half an oak tree, sliced into boards and then cut to form a garden seat, the bench is named after photographer and design-writer Barbara Chandler, whose chance remark to Chris at 100%Design gave him the idea.

January 2010 - Thinking Space at the NEC

Chris Eckersley is exhibiting with Designersblock at Thinking Space, which is part of Interiors 2010 at the NEC, Birmingham.
The show is from the 24th to 27th January and sees the launch of Chris's A-Frame Pavilion. OK - yes - we're showing a garden pavilion at an Interiors show!

More information at :

November 2009 - RBSA Exhibition

Chris is exhibiting a cut paper collage - From White to Black -in the current exhibition at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists.

The show is on from the 18th November until the 24th December, at the RBSA Gallery, 4 Brook Street, Birmingham B3 1SA.

November 2009 - Making Plans For Nigel

For the last year Chris has been acting as architectural draughtsman on a project with Nigel Gilks Cabinetmakers, of Winchcombe, Gloucestershire.
Nigel's brief was to create seventeen doorways in the style of Robert Adam, for a house in Berkshire. One of these stole the show earlier this month at the annual Historic Buildings, Parks and Gardens Event in London, thus disproving the theory that there are no skilled craftsmen left in this country!

September 2009 - There's No Place Like Home

Follow this link : and you can view all the placemats in Ella Doran's current exhibition. Also you can place your bid in the silent auction - please bid before October 3rd and help raise money for Shelter.

September 2009 - London Design Festival

Chris is exhibiting new work - designed for Sitting Firm Ltd - at Designersblock which this year is alongside 100%Design at London's Earl's Court. See us in the second hall on Stand D14.

More information at :

September 2009 - London Design Festival

Chris is among 22 artists and designers invited by Ella Doran to design a set of table mats on the theme There's No Place Like Home for a selling exhibition of limited edition mats to take place at Ella's Cheshire Street shop from September 9th to October 3rd. All profits will go to the charity Shelter.

July 2009 - 78 Derngate

A selection of Chris's Byrdhouses is in the current exhibition at 78 Derngate, Northampton - the Charles Rennie Mackintosh House and Gallery.
The show runs from July 18th until October 4th.

July 2009 - Bodging in deepest Herefordshire

Chris has been learning the secrets of greenwood Windsor chair-making from Gudrun Leitz at her outdoor workshop in Clissett's Wood, Herefordshire.
Anyone wanting to know more about cleaving, pole-lathing, adzing, steaming, bending, and legging-up, should book themselves in for a week in the woods with Gudrun :

June 2009 - Wee Birdy Pick of the Week !

Chris's Byrdhouses are this week's pick-of-the-week on the ever-popular top blog Wee Birdy.

June 2009 - New work at Barbed

Chris's colourful French table and bench set, h